Resistance on trainer very high while riding Joe Stewart training


Since yesterday i’d installed Zwift on my laptop. To use Zwift on the laptop I use the mobile link application to link my bluetooth gear (Wahoo Kickr Snap). When I succeed I started a Flat route with the training from Joe Stewart (or something). It’s a high intensity interval training where the start is 5 minutes of warming up and then it builds op to 350 and 600 watts.

I didn’t try other workouts only this one and for the 30 seconds on 600 watts something happend to my smart trainer. The resistance changed to a maximum and I was almost unable to go forward. It was almost like that the smart trainer was blocked or something. When it came back to the rest stage I was able again to go forward and the resistance changed back to normal.

Is this a known issue? I will test tonight if this is the only training this issue appears (I also tested it on the iPad and there it works just fine).



Hi i’m guessing that you used erg mode for this workout. If you increase your cadence then it will be a little easier and the resistance will decrease. Saying that however 600 watts in a workout is very very high and it will always be quite difficult at that level even if your cadence is high. Most people would not be able to sustain that wattage for very long. 

Then again seems odd that it was different on the ipad. 

‘The resistance changed to a maximum’

Do you know what the maximum reading was Niek?

@John, it was 600 watts for 30 seconds.
I also didn’t remind that it was that high on the ipad. 600 Watts is indeed very high to reach. Maybe there is a fault in that training. Yesterday I didn’t had the time to try another one but I will reply again when I tried.

I’m not sure what the maximum reading was but when it changed to ‘Maximum’, I was unable to go forward. I don’t think it was even possible to go forward.

Cheers Niek. I have the Snap as well. I’ll have a go at 600w and see what it feels like in Zwift with my Windows 10 laptop (using Ant+).

My guess is that a wheel on trainer might struggle at that wattage anyway. I do a HIT training session every so often and of the top of my head its something like 450w (175% FTP) for 45 seconds (see it at the link below): 

You can search for others at the site in the link above. 

Having an accurate ftp will help as well.