Cycleops Powerbeam Pro - no resistance control?

I’ve ridden Zwift several times now and I don’t seem to notice the software controlling the trainer resistance - hills, drafting, etc. Is anyone else with the Powerbeam Pro having more noticable resistance changes?

Nope - Same as you

I rode this morning for the first time and had the same issue as you initially - no control over resistance on the trainer. On my second ride this morning, however, I used the Cycleops Virtual Trainer app on my iPhone (CVT Mobile - paid subscription). This allowed me to enter into a free ride and then manually adjust the watts on my phone as I rode. There were still issues with this unfortunately, as I think that the CVT Mobile application and Zwift were not getting along the best and multiple times Zwift would drop my power down completely to 0. This was unfortunate as there is basically no other way to change the watts without going out and purchasing the Cycleops Joule.

I meant to add a link to my Strava analysis in my previous response to highlight the drop of power down to 0: