cycleops i410

Any Progress getting the older cycleops machines working?

Or should we give up hope? :slight_smile:


In regards to working how?Ive got 2000 miles on mine.

How do you control your power?


While Zwift can read from the CycleOps IC’s, implementing the protocol for controlling the resistance has been more complicated, and our developers haven’t added it yet.  This will be coming in the future, however, so stay tuned!

I also have a  IC400/410/420 Pro…shame because it’s a very powerful machine…looking forward to resistance control and support for the built-in cadence sensor

We have an ic 420 Pro, and use the Joule head unit to control wattage in Zwift. The other option is to open up CVT on your phone app, and control wattage with the phone while simultaneously running Zwift on a laptop.  :)


so,am I correct in assuming that it works in ERG mode now?I rode earlier and didn’t use it,but after reading the update,I logged on and zwift found it as a controllable trainer.Almost wanted to hop on and give it a shot.

ERG mode seems to ‘work’ but there is no way to set the target power.  Right now I use an iPad to set the power using CVT or Trainerroad.  It would be great to be able to do all of this in Zwift; and to be able to use the customizable workouts like you can in Trainerroad or CVT.