Resistance Control for the Cycelops Phantom 5 (please)

(Q. Padmé Amidala) #1

Dear Zwift:  I have contacted Cycleops/Saris Cycling Group and they have advised that they have advised (and this is quote) “We have given Zwift access to our protocol, and the ball is now in their court.”

I am left wondering why the users of the Phantom 5 are still begging to have resistance control added to the Zwift program.  The indoor cycle uses Bluetooth and Saris is saying they gave you all the protocol.  Not sure where we are on the update lineup.

 Please add resistance control.  Pretty please.

(David L. Virginia) #2

You have the IC in your office and the protocol…throw us a bone, there are a bunch of us Phantom users that would like support

(. TomH..) #3


That’s correct, Cycleops gave us all we need and we will be working on  this specific model this summer, please be patient there are many more trainers and spinning bikes we have to deal with. 

Thank you very much for your request and RIDE ON!

(David L. Virginia) #4

Any progress made on the phantom’s resistance control?

(David L. Virginia) #5

C’mon guys, how about at least answering one of your customers questions, one way or another, would like to know where us owners of phantom ic’s stand

(Q. Padmé Amidala) #6

Agreed!  Please let us know where you are with adding resistance to the Phantom 5 indoor trainer.  Should it really take this long?  Or are you all just not interested in us.  Seems like Zwift’s focus is the Wahoo Kicker and that’s about it. :frowning:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

The Phantom doesn’t have any gears, does it? So, if we were to add realistic resistance, it’d be akin to riding a fixed-gear bike on Zwift up those climbs, correct?

(Q. Padmé Amidala) #8

No, there actually is gearing that can be changed via an iPad (app) or with the O-synce multiremote , which is a little bluetooth gadget you attach to the handlebar

(David L. Virginia) #9

Eric, clearly you’re missing something, just read back a couple of posts were support sad they had the tech to make it work.  This isn’t the only indoor trainer to not have “gears” but have variable resistance.  

This is absurd, I may just quit zwift. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #10

Hi everyone,

No, most trainers do not have gears but the bicycles attached to them do. Changing it on a mobile device (or little BLE gadget) is an interesting way to do it which would also work (as Anne suggests).

Making it work in ERG mode for Workouts, however, might be an interesting way of enabling resistance control. Since ERG requires no gear changes at all, sounds like it’d be perfect for this stationary bike as well.

EDIT: Tom might have been a bit enthusiastic with his response as well :slight_smile:

(Q. Padmé Amidala) #11

But the only way to make the app or the Bluetooth gadget work is to use it with another subscription - Cycleops Virtual Training program.  If Zwift adds controlled resistance, then we could use that app to change the gears.  To currently control the resistance on Zwift, I am forced to have a subscription to Virtual Training Software.  That’s kind of absurd.

(Q. Padmé Amidala) #12

And when I spoke with the technicians at Cycelops, I was told from “the powers that be,” that the information you all need to control the resistance directly from YOUR programs has already been provided to you all - almost a year ago!



(David L. Virginia) #13

The Cycleops joule unit allows you to change “gears”, and I believe the Garmin 520 is ant+fe capable and able to interface with the phantom & supposedly zwift. We’re just asking for the resistance  feedback, that you provide to other trainers.  Phantom has both Bluetooth and ant+, plus you have had the code forever, so provide what’s been promised by zwift.