Resistance Control for the Cycelops Phantom 5 (please)

I have contacted Cycleops/Saris Cycling Group and they have advised that they have advised (and this is quote) “We have given Zwift access to our protocol, and the ball is now in their court.”

I am left wondering why the users of the Phantom 5 are still begging to have resistance control added to the Zwift program.


Please add resistance control.  Pretty please.

Hi Anne, 

That’s correct, Cycleops gave us all we need and we will be working on  this specific model this summer, please be patient there are many more trainers and spinning bikes we have to deal with. 

Thank you very much for your question and RideOn!

Can you tell me how you all decide which trainer to deal with and in what order?  My understanding is that this feature was supposed to come out last Fall (around September 2015).  I am just wondering where the Phantom 5 in the trainer line-up.  If I bake you all double-chocolate-chip cookies and send them fed ex, can I get the Phantom 5 moved to the top? :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi Anne, :smiley:

Good try, but unfortunately it’s based on number of people using the specific trainer/Spinning bike. I don’t have the access to this list but because Phantom 5 it pretty expensive spinning bike not many people have it and that’s why it’s taking a while.

Thank you for understanding, stay tuned and in the meanwhile


Good answer Tom.  The Phantom 5 is a totally weirdo edge-case device and there are probably only a handful of people using it, so it would be a terrible decision for you guys to burn cycles trying to support it before trainers that are far more popular.

So anyway, we bought 3 of them at the office.  And we are DESPARATE to get some a good app to use with them.  And what is a better app than Zwift?  Riddle me that?  So add a little chunk of votes for Phantom 5 support!  And I’ll be happy to dust off my beta tester credentials if any help is needed as you get rolling!  Thanks as always -

Thanks Jerry! It’s outdoor season here in Florida, so no rush.  Hopefully by October 2016when the time changes Zwift will have added controlled resistance on the Phantom 5 indoor cycle (not a spin bike).

Ok guys, copy that :slight_smile:

Thank you for understanding, 

Ride On! 

Please, please, please do this sooner rather than later.  A BIG fan, but feel like I am missing out!


Any new news about Zwift’s ability to control the Phantom5???

Hi Zwift!  We are 4 months out from the promise of working on it over the summer, so I am checking to see if any progress has been made? Still waiting.


Thank you,

Anne Raduns

I just joined zwift, so you can add one more Phantom 5 to the list. I am looking forward to this feature.



Where are we with this?  Maybe Zwift only cares about the Wahoo Kick’r and could careless about other trainers? Could that be true? Come on Zwift, throw us a bone for those with indoor cycles!

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