CycleOps PowerBeam PowerSync Ant+

Any word on resistance control of these units? New info? Time frame?

+1 I finally relented and signed up for Trainerroad. I can now control resistance and do structured workouts while riding Zwift.

I also have TrainerRoad and CycleOps VT and while using a mini Ant+ adapter in my Android I can ± the resistance but I’d really like to feel the route without those tools like the Wahoo Kickr apparently does. Hopefully Zwift can give a timeframe of this feature. I did a search and saw this topic had been brought up month’s ago but as of today still no date.

@Victor. Is the Android app for Cycleops VT rather than trainerroad? I use the PC app for VT and there is no way to manually control powerbeam pro resistance from what I can tell.(akin to slope mode on trainerroad) In the Cycleops eco-system you need the Joule for that.

The Android App for CVT can be used to do a interval workout while on Zwift. I’m manually not changing the resistance while riding just letting the CVT run with the workout I created. I may get a Joule and I am testing one this weekend to see if it makes sense to own one (No More Electronics Please). At this point I almost think it is easier to use my Fluid 2 and Stages Power Meter vs the PowerBeam/Sync until Zwift integrates.

@Victor. Cycleops just came out with the O-synce device to remote control the Powerbeam Pro.

May be an alternative to getting a Joule.

I tried the Joule but pairing was a issue and a hassle so I spent some time today with the Android app and Zwift and it was really, really good. I was able to adjust my power on the fly. The O Synce seems like a good idea with the Android app being I don’t need to keep the phone in my hand. The O Synce is BLE connecting to the Android app. I assume the O Synce will not work the PowerSync alone. Good news if anyone owns a Samsung Android Ant+ is built in unlike my HTC One.

I just signed up for the Beta program and i’ll start kicking in the next few days when my new Powersync TT will arrive. I’ll very much appreciate if there are any updates with regards to resistance control of these units?  

Hi all.


Just signed up to Zwift, I have the Cycleops Powersync and the resistance does not seem right. Does anyone know whether this needs to be calibrated outside of Zwift?