Workout mode - short high power efforts on powerbeam pro


Today i was doing one of the workouts that had 10sec intervals at 485w. Now, on Trainer Road I’ve never had a problem reaching these outputs as the software really kicks in and increases resistance fast on the powerbeam pro. 

However, Zwift just doesn’t seem to have the same reaction to increasing the resistance and therefore I’m not able to hit the required power output. 

Now - if Trainer Road software didn’t provide this then i might assume that its just the powerbeam pro but I’m guessing that its actually the Zwift software control over the power beam thats the problem. 

For example - if the power output goes from 160w to 230w Zwift seems pretty capable of handling this and i can keep a steady cadence and let the software increase resistance until the power output value is reached. 

Today i was already in the 53/11 cog getting ready for the 485w effort hitting a cadence over over 100RPM but still the power output never reached 485w. Id completed a Trainer Road Sufferfest session before i went onto Zwift so i knew that everything was working correctly. 

I don’t like to miss targets and this is a really frustrating one as i know i can hit 485 w no problem. 

Can you guys look into this and possibly look at increasing the speed at which resistance is applied. 


Thanks :) 

Hi David, 

Because your trainer is not Ant+ FE-C the two way communication is not perfect,(that’s causing the delay). We’ll be working on it this summer but we can not guarantee that your trainer will be one of those selected. 

So please stay tuned and Ride On!

Many thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. 

I appreciate its a bit of an older turbo trainer now which is shame as i only bought it in 2014 but i guess things move fast in this industry. 

Keep up the good work. Loving the new routes on Zwift - very immersive :)