Even after trying all work-arounds, Unable to pair with CycleOps 400 Pro


I have the Mac version of the software, and I am unable to pair my devices even at 10 inches away from devices.

Hi David,

Unfortunately, the model you have isn’t compatible with Zwift right now. The older IC models use a proprietary channel for broadcasting data which we can’t read from (yet). While CycleOps is working with us to implement support for it in the future, it probably won’t be in time for you to use it in the beta.

If you have another power meter and indoor trainer you can use, I would recommend using that instead. Otherwise, we will continue to provide updates via our email newsletters as we increase support for other trainers, so you can watch those for announcements on when we do support the CycleOps Pro.

We appreciate your support!


I have a cycleops 420 pro as well. It works and i can pair it. Under Power meters, Controlable trainers and classic trainers. I works for me, and i can cycle in watopia. I use a PC and no MAC. 

The only think i can’t do is shift gears, but i how that when i get the extra gear shifter that i ordered from cycleops it will work too.


So you are saying that uaing the controller (Joule GPS 2.0) along with Zwift it works?

Eh… No not the joule. I don’t have it. But i have a Cycleops 400 pro. And i am able to connect it to Zwift. But not able to control resistance. I think this gearshifter will solve it. Just ordered it : 




Any Luck?

Has there been any upgrade or device that will allow the Cycleops 400Pro stationary trainers with Joule 2.0 to work(full functionality/gear shifting) with Zwift?

Please add me to the list of Cycleops IC 400 users that would really appreciate support of controllable resistance!  I have both the O-Synce device and a Joule unit.  I am torn between Zwift and other platforms that support this bike. :frowning:


any update about the IC PRO400 and swift?






I currently use an Android Tablet with Rouvy (CVT software) and a USB ANT+  to control resistance and a MacBook Pro with another USB ANT+ device and Zwift.  Since only one program can read from an ANT+ stick at a time this is why I use a tablet and a laptop.   

Then with the O-Synce remote (it communicates with the Tablet Rouvy software only) I can “Shift” my IC400 Pro bike/trainer.  

 I just start a “Free Ride” in Rouvy, and in Zwift I pick a ride too. 





Have Zwift software pair with the Tablet for Power Meter, but if you want cadence, it will NOT pick up the cadence from the IC400 Pro,  so I have a second cadence device for that on my IC400 Pro.