CycleOps 400

I’m a new user of Zwift. I’ve delayed joining as my trainer a Cyclops 400 indoor bike could not seem to connect to Zwift which was a huge disappointment as it was expensive and actually a very well constructed bike. Anyway I had one last attempt and contacted Zwift support and they pointed out that it would not work on an iPad only on a PC or Mac. So I got a usb Ant stick and hey presto it connected! only problem was it had no means by which to change gear and Zwift don’t support this function so you are left spinning in a low gear and moving slowly. I had been using Rouvy which connects to the iPad and had dispensed with the Joule 3 controller that came with the bike. I dug this out and found that by connecting the RU sensor on the Joule you can use that as normal to change gear. So to confirm, you connect the boxes marked POWER and CONTROLLABLE on Zwift and RU SENSOR on the Joule and your heart rate sensor and you have a working set up.

The only issue is that it does not recognise hills as I think certain trainers do but even so Zwift adjusts your speed based on incline and your output and so you are in exactly the same position as the other riders.

I’m delighted as for the cost of an Ant stick I have a working set up on a five year old machine which I thought was junk.

Sorry if this is old information!

Would you be willing to sell your Joule device? Please let know. I apologize if this not the most appropriate place for this question. Thanks

Sorry just seen this.

No worries I just sent the message earlier in the day.

Ah okay - it seemed to say 2019 on the date.

I’m not sure I could separate the bike and the Joule. I’m thinking of selling the whole bike so I’ll let you know.


Okay, please let me know if your willing to sell the joule. Thanks :grinning: