Cycleops Powermeter not connecting

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if my (fairly old) CycleOps Power Tap Elite+ will be working with Zwift.
Does anyone have it up and running?
I already asked the support and they said that if it sending via ANT+ protocol (rather than FE-C) it may or may not work - but i couldn’t find out on the Internet which protocol it is for the Powertap.
thanks a lot in advance!

Should be fine. I used a Pro+ hub for years, which is the same era and electronics just a tiny bit lighter. The + stands for ANT+ protocol.

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thanks mike, that’s great to know! shouldnt be a reason for it not to work then.

FE-C is fitness equipment like indoor trainers your ANT+ wil work with a ant+ dongle.

Happy zwifting.

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thanks again mike! new batteries did the trick and now the the ant+ also sees the hub. yey! can’t wait to zwift around this winter!

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Great to hear. Oh yeah, when the batteries die you get no warning, it just dies. And it has to be spun up to wake up and connect of course. I bought 357 / SR 44 batteries in bulk. My CycleOps Pro+ hub was what I used with a Kurt Kinetic trainer for 3 years on Zwift before going direct drive. Very strong ANT+ transmitter, never had any drop outs with it.

that is the only bit of disappointment for me with my PT G3. Even on the Powertap app it does not really show how much is left.

yeah, and what made it even harder to figure out, was that the cycleops computer still got the signal from the hub, but appearantly it was too weak for the hub. all good now though :slight_smile:
i’ll have a look at the kurt kinetic trainer, sounds good!