Cyclops g3 hub connectivity


I’ve tried several times now to get Zwift to pick up the power hub in my rear wheel and it’s just not working at all. Has anyone else had this issue or is it just a case that Cycleops isn’t compatible with Zwift?


Hi @Jason_Mountain

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What system do you use to ride Zwift.

I have used the G3 before and it worked.

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Hi Gerrie.

When you say system do you mean my computer? If so I’ve tried it on an Ipad and my Windows laptop, neither pick up anything. I’ve connected a Stages crank power meter and Garmin HRM before with no issue on the Ipad. Which is why I am at a loss as to why it doesn’t work. The hub power meter is definitely functioning as I can pick it up on my Garmin 735xt just fine.

Is the G3 Ant+ only or does it do BT? If it does do BT make sure it is disconnected from your Garmin. If Ant+ only, well iPad only does BT unless you have all the connectors. Your Garmin has Ant+ builtin.

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It does Ant+ Chris. However, my laptop doesn’t recognise the Ant+ USB so perhaps I should try ordering a new one.

Or try a different USB port on your laptop. I have had USB ports go bad on older laptops. I have only used the Garmin Ant+ dongle and they have worked with no issue on good ports.

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Thanks Chris

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