Power too high?

Probably been covered many times before - I’m 50yo male and got back into road riding after a 20 year layoff !!! Any way - I’m fit - I surf, train at the gym , run etc - decided for dust of my Cannondale R1000 - upgraded the group set, new wheels etc and started back doing 150km - 200km per week - then lock down! So I dust off my Jetblack Fluid trainer and discover Zwift - wow - great fun. Using a dumb trainer I bought a speed and cadence sensor - and at first my watts were low…real low - then played around with trainer type and got sort of close but despite riding hard - I could hang on in group rides after 15 mins or so…I then upgraded to a 4iiii Power meter - boom! I can’t keep it below 250watts in first gear!!! My FTP has gone through the roof…is this normal for Zwift? Seems like my “low effort” power reads very high 50-100 watts - yet when Inturn on the power - possibly still under reading?

Have you done a Zero Offset (Calibration) on the power meter: https://4iiii.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028149551-How-do-I-Zero-Offset-Calibrate-My-Powermeter-

Thanks Paul
I did that when I first put it on - I’ll do this again ibefore my next ride - will see if it makes a difference

So I lashed out and bought a new Waho Kickr Core…all sorted! Much more realistic and accurate power readings!


Something is not right here. I have been using a 4iiii power meter for years without any issues, and I have never heard of any issues like the one you are reporting.

Also, how did you get your hands on a Kickr Core so fast?

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The 4iiii Powermeter is working - problem was my fluid trainer - it’s stuffed!!! I called my local bike store and almost fell off my chair when they told me they had one last Kickr in stock!! I went straight down and picked it up! Fluke.

Hey Sam, i have the same problem with my fluid trainer, did you discover what it was or how to solve it in the end? thanks!