Power way too high

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I had a question regarding power on zwift. I’ve had it for around 3 months now and up to around a week ago now it has worked fine with no issues. However my last 4 rides now have had a huge jump in power. I was able to average over 300 watts 4 w/kg seemingly much easier then it had been before (Zpower). Every ride it seems like my power and speed are way higher then they should be with relatively little effort compared to what I was doing before. Now I know there’s no way I Improved that much overnight which is impossible so I was wondering what could be done to fix this. I am using a cycleops fluid 2 trainer with a coospo cycling speed and cadence sensor with the extension. I know the setup isn’t ideal but it’s the best I have on my budget. Any suggestions would be a great help.

I am not familiar with this particular trainer but some basic thoughts are as follows. Check your tire pressure so that it is where it should be. Watch a couple of setup videos to make sure that yours hasn’t drifted from where it should be.

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I used one of those when I first started on Zwift too, to build on what @Fez_Rockbottom suggested, also make sure you are tightening the roller to the tire properly. The directions for that trainer say to use two and a half full rotations of the knob once the roller touches the tire. You can also double check that the tire size and model of trainer is correct in Zwift on the pairing screen.

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