Cycle ops power too high

Hi everyone, just signed up, having previously used TrainerRoad. For Zwift I’m getting crazy high power readings, 1.5-2x higher than what is real (sadly). I have a cycle ops pro trainer (2016 model). I’ve walked through all the obvious things, can anybody point me in the right direction? Cheers, James

HI @James_Patterson1

How do you pair your trainer.

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Hi Gerrie, I use an ANT+ dongle. Kind regards, James

Just to be clear your trainer is a wheel on trainer, correct? Wheel on trainers are sensitive to tire pressure and the rotor/wheel pressure. My friend has a wheel on trainer that he uses for Zwift races and suddenly he was putting out BIG watts. Really flying and he was loving it! Then he checked his rear tire pressure and it was quite low. He pumped up his tire to spec and he’s now human again. I’m not saying your situation is the same but something to check.

Yep it is a wheel on trainer. Tire pressure is approximately 90, so normal. Was thinking might sign up to TrainerRoad again just for a month? If watts normal then indicates software prob, if watts equally superhuman I need a new trainer?

Did you select the correct trainer in the paring screen.


Did you use the correct app to calibrate your trainer? I used to use Rouvy for my cyclops fluid but now Saris has its own app but I’m not sure if that covers your trainer. My thinking is that perhaps you used trainer road to calibrate and it might not be consistent. I’m just guessing though and trying to see if something sticks.

I had wondered about this. I have cycle ops jet fluid pro, which isn’t listed. So had gone as the jet fluid. I had read that the virtual powerCurve is the same for both - but don’t know enough whether that’s true

I hadn’t done this at all. I hadn’t realised it was necessary as TrainerRoad had been very much plug n play… I’ll have a look at report back!! Cheers

I signed back up to TrainerRoad and it gives me sensible power values. So it’s something in the way that Zwift and trainer are communicating. Sorry, I feel like a schmuck, anyone have a work around?

Well, if your trainer is calibrated with the Saris app and it passes then I guess I would just use Zwift with the Zwift numbers and TrainerRoad with their numbers and not try to cross-compare.
Its probably how Zwift recognizes your trainer so as Gerrie says make sure you select it correctly. You might want to confirm with Zwift support ti insure that selecting the “non pro” version is the same as the “pro” version.