(Heather Doucette) #1

I’m having difficulty with watts with my Wahoo Kickr. They seem to be far too high for my effort. My training partner and i were trying to do a Zwift ride together and he couldn’t keep up to me. I was flying around the course with very little effort and he was struggling and stilton able to keep up. He is a far superior rider!! He was using a computrainer and I was on my Kickr. I’ve tried calibrating. I even increased my weight by 5kg to see if it would make  difference but the difference was minimal. Suggestions??

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #2

Have you performed a spin down test with the kickr?

(Heather Doucette) #3

Yes I have; several times!

(Todd Taylor) #4

Is it possible that the CompuTrainer isn’t calibrated correctly?  I know nothing about CompuTrainers but know that my Kickr was pretty much ready to go out of the box.

Are you easily passing-up other riders?  Does your watt output and watts/kg seem too high in general?  The following calculator will tell you what racing category (if any) you fall in to based on your watt output and weight:

(Heather Doucette) #5

His calibration seems accurate. Hi watts and speed are fairly consistent with what he does on the road.

My watts and speed seem far too high for my effort. I’m flying around the course. 

He and i have tried to ride together and I very quickly gained over a km lead with little effort while he was struggling to try and catch me.

I cannot average 34km/hr and keep my HR below 115!! I wish I could, but I def cannot

(Todd Taylor) #6

Have you tried the Kickr with any other software other than Zwift?   If the trainer is giving you inaccurate numbers on other software as well, it’s time to call Wahoo support and potentially warranty the trainer :-/   My Kickr is a refurbished model, so apparently they do sometimes have issues.

(Heather Doucette) #7

I have used Traineroad for the last year without any issues. 

I actually mistakenly said that my friend was using  a Computrainer. He actually has a Cyclops Powerbeam Pro. 

I’m going to do another spin down today and make sure that there isn’t a hardware update. I’m hoping that I notice  a difference 


(j m. (mgcc)) #8

This may sound like a dumb question but are you sure that you are paring the Kickr with Zwift as a smart trainer and power.

Do you see the little lighting bolt icon when you are riding?  What is you w/kg reading on Zwift compared to TR?

Are you using a Kickr or Kickr Snap?

(Heather Doucette) #9

Lol! Nothing is a dumb question, but yes I am sure that my Kickr is paired with Swift when I am riding. 

I def have resistance, just not as much as I should for the amount of watts that are shown.

My w/kg is similar on Swift and TR and I have a Kickr, not a Kickr Snap.

I can get a good workout, but the readings are not realistic. As I mentioned, I cannot average 33 or 34 km/hr for 2:30 and keep my HR in Zone 1 

I wish I could, but I def cannot!

(j m. (mgcc)) #10

Has your training partner tried your Kickr?  Does the cassette match his bike?  Would be interesting to see it it is off with him also.

Might also want to send a note to support.