Kickr calibration verification

My Kickr is always reporting about 15% higher watts than my SRM. Today I did a weight calibration for my SRM and showed it to be within 0.5% of accurate. So that implies that my Kickr is reporting numbers close to 15% too high. Obviously giving me a slight advantage over my competitors as I circle Zwift Island.

I have done the standard calibration on both my SRM and Kickr multiple times. Anybody else seeing something similar or have any ideas how to verify the Kickr numbers similar to the Weight test for the SRM?

What about allowing my SRM to provide the power numbers but still have Zwift adjust the resistance of the Kickr?

I feel like I got Cancellara’s motorized bike :slight_smile:

How long have you had your Kickr? If it’s recently purchased there may be a new firmware coming to correct calibration issues, but you should contact Wahoo about that. There’s been some noise on the triathalon forums about this issue so I’m guessing Wahoo is working on it.

The UI has already been designed to allow for exactly what you’re asking for (we want it too!) but we’ve not gotten around to implementing it yet. Sometime down the line we’ll allow for data from a power meter, and a separate connection to “smart” trainers for resistance control.

I ran a KICKR vs Stages series of rides last week and noted the KICKR reporting around 8 to 10 per cent higher than the Stages. It was worse before I did a spindown test on the KiCKR which to be fair I had neglected over previous weeks.

Checked my 2nd Kickr. It’s off by only about 4%. This was one of the original Kickr’s so interesting to see how it is actually better than my newer one.

I also did open a support request with Wahoo Fitness.

Heh and naturally my Kickr reports about 10-15w less than my Quarq…I want one of those souped up Kickrs!

Wahoo Fitness suggested I tighten the belt. They noted my spin down time was about 18 seconds and suggest tightening it until you are around 15 seconds. They’ll send you instructions if you ask. Also, make sure you really have warmed up for 20 minutes before doing the calibration. This made a difference for me. Now I’m only about 5% off. Once it is properly calibrated, you shouldn’t need to calibrate very often.

My Kickr is reporting about 10 -15w lower values than my stages PM, any ideas how to fix this.  The Kickr is brand new so I dont know if it will get better, did the spin down just like instructed and updated the firmware.