Power spikes

Evening group! I’m running out of things todo already.This has been bugging me now for about a month.I can no longer hold steady power.My watts always fluctuate.It happens with Ant + and Bluetooth as well.Wahoo told me it’s something interfering with the Kickr 18.It’s driving me nuts

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I presume you have 3-sec smoothing setting on in Settings? If something is interfering, drop your log file onto zwiftalizer.com and post a link to the results.


Having a hard time posting the link Tells me im not allowed to post

Your at the higher end of ant+ failures, but I dont see anywhere on the power graph you posted that looks like an actual dropout. Usually you will have a spot on the graph that goes all the way down to 0 and i dont really see that?

Have you tried changing the channel on your wifi router to 1 or 2?

I don’t actually get dropouts but power fluctuates 20-30 watts at a time I need to look into my router on how todo that

[quote=“J. Goncalves [EVO], post:6, topic:594447, username:J_Goncalves_RaidersR”]
fluctuates 20-30 watts at a time

I dont think that is very unusual, as Dean mentioned further up the thread do you have it on 3 sec average in the settings menu on zwift?