Kickr Power spikes since last update

Howdy, I am getting numerous Zwift power drops/spikes when riding my Kickr V5 since the last update. Suddenly Zwift will put me at 2000w for a few seconds although I haven’t changed power to the pedals.

So far it is only occurring when I am connected by Ant+ and Zwift is controlling the trainer. Strange, as it doesn’t happen on other modes or when connected by BT, where you would think you’d get drops. It can happen at any time, ie, there doesn’t seem to be a gradient change. If I look at the various log files, no change on the Kickr, but Zwift drops then spikes.

Hi @Scott_Harrison

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When connecting to ANT+ you should be using the ANT+ FE-c profile.

Thanks Gerrie. I had been connecting by ANT+ FE-C…and that is where I experienced the problem. When I tested using BT it does not happen.

strava: /activities/6789806984

Test file. Was on Ant+ FE-C and you see the 2000w spike. Stopped, went on BT and tested ERG and Level…no issue. Stopped, remained on BT and allowed Zwift to control the trainer…no issue.

Maybe the dongle is bad, or try other USB ports?

Thanks Mike. I’ll give that a try tonight.

I know 2 others experiencing the same since the update and I’ve also been using the dongle for years so hadn’t considered that other then removing and plugging back in.

I was just hoping I could now put out 2000w with no increased effort! Not a bad problem to have actually… :slight_smile:

Hi @Scott_Harrison

If the basic stuff like replacing your ANT+ dongle or trying a different USB port doesn’t help and you’ve already tried the troubleshooting steps in this article, I’d suggest that you contact Zwift tech support. Our team can examine your log files and let you know what we find.

You can reach us here.