Power Source - Won't let go of Stryd

I just purchased an Apple TV 4K and setup to use Zwift. After signing in, and landing on the default cycling options, Zwift immediately grabs my Stryd footpod (for running) as the power source. It still sees the KICKR i’ve been using for the last month, but only lets me select that for controller and cadence. Zwift will NOT let me choose the power source.

When I click on the power source to let me choose, the screen flashes and it immediately selects the Stryd footpod again.

Oddly enough if I launch Zwift on my iPhone, I don’t have this issue. It sees KICKR and selects it as the power source and controller.

Nothing I’ve tried lets me override Zwifts auto grab of Stryd on my Apple TV.

HELP!! Any ideas?


  • Styrd is always awake so you can’t hide it by turning it off
  • Rebooted Apple TV
  • Unplugged/Plugged KICKR
  • Apple TV bluetooth settings for Stryd (does not exist)

I ran into this issue earlier today. Someone suggested removing the battery from the Stryd. My Stryd is rechargable so that won’t work :frowning:

Same issue this is driving me insane.


Fix the Apple TV App PLEASE.

Wrap the Stryd in aluminum foil. I had the same issue and that DIY Faraday cage worked perfectly.

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