Conflict between Stryd and KickR Core 2018

(Eiki Egilz) #1

Hi there Zwift!

Using Zwift, AppleTv4k, KickR Core, Stryd - all with latest software updates and firmware updates.

I do runs and rides in Zwift. For the runs I have Stryd, and for the rides I have a KickR Core 2018 (brand new).
When I try to ride, it always selects the Stryd as power-source (under “ride”! not run) instead of the KickR Core and I cannot switch it to the KickR Core!
It opens up the pairing dialog for like 10mseconds and selects the Stryd, so there’s nothing I can do to select the KickR Core for power source, the power-source dialog closes immiediately without me having the option to select anything.

The only way I can select the KickR Core is to remove the shoe with the attached Stryd from my garage, so it cannot find it, so the run-mode is unpaired (orange instead of blue). Then I can switch to “ride” and select the power-source as the KickR Core. Then this dialog does not close itself in 10msec and I can choose whatever power-source is available (namely the KickR Core)

Please fix this Zwift. Thank you

(Vincent W.) #2

Sorry to hear this Eiki! So you’re unable to unpair the Stryd at all at the pairing screen correct? And when you start your “ride” can you unpair it from the menu?

(Eiki Egilz) #3

Hi Vincent,

Not able to unpair it, no … I have to move the Stryd from the garage so there’s no signal coming from it, to the AppleTv 4k, to be able to use the KickR Core instead of the Stryd. You’ll see this the moment you guys set this up yourself, Stryd + Wahoo KickR Core.

Of course I have this workaround … moving the Stryd from the garage, but that should not be needed … the Stryd is not even active, in a the sense that I haven’t “woken it up”, by moving the shoe it’s placed on. This wouldn’t be a problem if the power-source pairing screen would just stay where it says “searching” for devices … but I never get the change to select power-sources like I said before, the window just closes right away, if Stryd is connected to it, and I try to change to “ride” instead of the run.

Please have a look at this, since the Stryd is the “de facto” standard for running … and the Wahoo KickR Core is a really good product, and very popular among riders, so this combo is something lots of people will have, or already have installed … connected to their AppleTv 4k.

(Vincent W.) #4

I understand. Our QA team is investigating! If it wasn’t Apple TV you may have been able to edit the prefs file but this makes it a little more difficult. For Run mode can you try unpairing your Stryd, then switch to Ride and see if it auto pairs?

(Eiki Egilz) #5

Hi again and thanx for your quick replies … I really appriciate the fast response time you guys have.

I just tried this again in my garage … is it possible that this has been fixed in the updated version ( I just downloaded it now! ) just released today ? I cannot make this bug appear any more :smile:

I don’t even have to unpair the Stryd anymore it seems … it’s selected when I go to the run ( on the right ) and when I switch to the ride ( on the left ) now I’m able to get into the “power source” without the window closing right away, so I’m actually able to pick the KickR Core now !!! :slight_smile:

I’ll let you guys know if I run into this problem, in the new version of Zwift - but you can close this issue for now.

I only have two complaints about Zwift now. The first one, is the same a lot of people also seem to have … and that is this one, which I see you’ve marked as “investigating” which is excellent:

  • I would think this is in high priority where loads of people are using AppleTv 4k with your app

The second one is this, I’d really like to be able to enroll in 1 running program, and 1 ride program:

Thank for you for an EXCELLENT app, and the NY track is brilliant!!! :slight_smile:

(Steve Copeland) #6

I have the same issue with my milestone. I have raised this with support previously so it’s not unknown. I have to leave my shoe downstairs from my gym and reboot the AppleTV to get it to switch.

(Eiki Egilz) #7

Vincent, please don’t close this thread.

Steve, yes, I had similar problems while I was working out today … I could not change to the Stryd, the power-source screen just opened and closed again and again … very fast so I could not choose anything. There seems to be some conflict when you do both running and riding.

(Steve Copeland) #8

I still have the same problem.

(Eiki Egilz) #9

@Steven Copeland, then upvote this thread :slight_smile: