Conflict between Stryd and KickR Core 2018

Having the same issue with latest Zwift version. (stryd and kickr 18.

I am having the exact same issue! I do not own a treadmill but I do have a Stryd foot pod and it has never been in the vicinity of my Kickr. My sneakers are 3 floors above my bike trainer and the Bluetooth is only recognizing Stryd as its primary power meter. I am completely unable to use Zwift because of this and I’m beyond frustrated. My season training began today and it was a complete bust. PLEASE help me unpair Stryd from Zwift!!!

read my post above in this thread … it has the workaround / “fix” to this

Can you please just stop listing up the Stryd under power-source when you’re on the “Ride” menu …
Stryd should simply never be avilable when you’re riding the bike … simple as that.

You should be able to detect the stryd by it’s uqniqu bluetooth id, and just not list it up for the “Ride” part of Zwift. Please confirm this Zwift and fix the issue once and for all, you see A LOT of people complaining about this issue, which should be so easy to fix if you just put a little effort into it


I’ve been using Zwift on AppleTV for cycling for more than a year. Today, this issue cropped up. Now Zwift only wants to pair with my Stryd – not my NPE CABLE or PowerTap pedals. I want for Zwift to forget the Stryd but it won’t. I tried rebooting the AppleTV but no go. I messed with this for over 30 minutes today and never got Zwift to pair with the correct device.

I see that Eirikur suggests moving my running shoes outside. It’s not as if the shoes were right next to me either!

This is very frustrating.

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I posted a “fix” to this issue, scroll through this thread and find it. That will solve your problem, and you don’t have to move the Stryd out of the room :muscle:

So change to Zwift Run - select power source (Stryd), change back to Zwift Ride and select your power source there?

Yes, by going into run and selecting a power source, you’re basically disconnecting the Stryd

I’ve already asked Zwift to stop Stryd from being available on the Ride menu, where it makes no sense at all. Until they fix that, this is your workaround for the problem

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Having the same issue. Tried Eirikur’s fix and that isn’t working. Still instantly brings Stryd up before we can do anything.

Same issue. Tried all the work around. But sometimes none of them work and appletv reconnects to Stryd automatically.
Set up bike is Bluetooth connect to cable for power from vector2 pedals and 2nd connection to kickr. I can normally disconnect stryd by going to run and disconnecting then back to ride and connect cable. But stryd will still reconnect kicking my kickr off Zwift reads power from cable but then doesn’t control kickr

Same problem. When I disconnect the Stryd in Run mode and try to select a power source in Ride afterwards, my Apple TV 4K says it lost all bluetooth connection and ask me to use the bluetooth from my phone instead. If my Stryd is in the house, it’s a real pain getting Zwift to connect to another power source.

@MarcAndre_Doucet read my fix / workaround in this thread

Thanks buddy, ride on!

I have the same conflict between Stryd and my Garmin Vector 3S