Power range for sprint intervals

I am riding the Zwift Academy workouts with a direct drive, non-controllable trainer. I have been having a lot of trouble finding and staying in the range of acceptable power for the sprint intervals (is it prescribed power +/- 10%?). It gets especially difficult with shorter intervals (some in the Academy workouts are only 10 seconds). Given that these are sprints, would it be possible to set a minimum power rather than an interval? So, something like 10 seconds for a minimum of 400 watts, and it wouldn’t matter if I rode 401 watts or 1000 watts. It is a sprint interval after all.

Hey S4vman, thanks for the suggestion! The ranges are put in place so the intensity of the workout stays consistent throughout the plan, but I can understand the frustration when it’s hard to stay within those intervals. I’ll share your opinion, thanks for writing in :slight_smile:

This should be changed so you do not “fail” an short sprint interval, due to going over the range. Zwift can still warn you, if you are over the required power range, but S4vman makes a very good point. For short intervals, the lag can make it very difficult. You easily can increase your power too much at the start and be over the range, then back off too much, trying to get in the range and end up below the range, then increase, etc. Thus spending enough time outside the range to fail.