Strength Workouts

Let me preface by saying I am new to Zwift, but have been riding and racing since 1983. I have a standard Kurt Kinetic trainer with additional flywheel.  My power inputs come from a Powertap rear hub and cadence and HR come from my Garmin ANT sensors.  I’ve noticed that during my Zwift designed “Strength” workouts (Intervals 10 sec on, 1:50 recovery) that as I come off the 10 sec interval there is a drop nearly to zero Watts as I shift up to remove resistance. 7 to 12 secs following the interval I have my power back in the target range for recovery, but the “message” I get at the end of the 1:50 interval is either FAIL or OK.  This doesn’t happen in other lower power recovery sections, only following a big heavy power effort.  Any insight on what I might be doing wrong?  Is this a function of the 5 to 12 secs it takes to come off the high power interval?  Is it a function of my Garmin, Powertap or Kinetic set-up?  Thanks for your help!

Hi Don,

By the sound of it your HUD is showing 3 seconds average power which makes it difficult for you to tell how hard you push at specific moment, please go to settings and change it to instant. See if that helps and let us know. 



Thanks for the tip. That seemed to solve the problem.

In the instantaneous power mode there is more bouncing of the power (+/- 15 watts between actual), but I bet that has more to do with the Powertap and various wattage readings as the cranks go through their full rotation. Under instantaneous mode you are at least able to respond “real time” to the differences in power…and as an added bonus it gives you great feedback on pulling through the entire rotation of the cranks and smoothing out the pedaling style.



That’s right Don you got it!