Training with Power

(Andrew Jarrod) #1

I have just done my first training session (short FTP test) and of course the Power is front and center most important info.

However it bounces around constantly, sometimes 2/3 times per second with big variations.  After a few minutes I had to stop watching it as I was getting a headache (for real).  Riding normally I can ignore it, but when training you really can’t.

Please add some smoothing to this.

(Stuart Rutherford(GGCC)) #2

I noticed the same in workout mode today. It would be good to be able to display power reading over maybe 5 or 10 seconds average. 

(Jamie Shardlow) #3

Yes I too did my first workout today (also short FTP) using a KICKR and I noticed exactly the same thing. I would be at a constant RPM but the power display would be all over the place, sometimes jumping 20w.

For me it happened a lot more on the bits that required higher RPM/power. No real problems at all on the warm up/down bits.

(Barry Levinson) #4

Same problem with my Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer, Wild fluctuations even with rock steady cadence. I was told to set it to classic mode but it keeps reverting back to Zpower.

(Keith Carter (cvcc)) #5

Well it’s January 2017. I just got the Wahoo Kickr Snap. Did my Advance spindown (2 times), and even did the regular spindown.

Went and did my ride (just ride), my wattage is all over the place. Sometimes 40-50 watts more, or jumps down a good bit. I was keeping a very good pace/cadence/speed. Don’t know if it’s the new Kickr Snap, or the software.)

I have a Bontrager DuoTrap S/C sensor, and using a Viiii (4i) HRM.

When logging in for Zwift to search my sensors, it never locates the speed, but I get the speed I guess from the cadence/wattage… who knows. ANYWAY, the wattage jumps all over. Thanks

(Nick Tsilas) #6

Same problem with my Tacx Neo.  Wattage jumping up and down quite a bit in workout mode. I think it fluctuates less if trainer is paired via Zwift mobile link app and Bluetooth rather than Ant+ using PC.  Wattage seems to fluctuate much less in ride mode.