Kickr Snap power variation in FTP test and free ride


I’ve had the snap for around 4 months and generally the integration with Zwift is great, however there always seems to have been an annoying power variation issue with any workout with a free ride element.

My main issue concerns the FTP test where as soon as the test starts, the power can vary by 40-50 watts even when keeping a steady cadence. I have also tried with a much lower power which should in theory be easier to maintain but still have the same power issue variations.

The Zwift sim mode power seems solid and also the power is steady within the Wahoo app itself, so I’m assuming this must be something to do with the free ride element in Swift?

Would appreciate any suggestions!



Hi Neil!


Are you using the 3 second average, or the ‘instant’ reading in your settings? If you’re using instant, that could explain the variance you’re seeing.

Hi Tyler thanks for the quick response!

Funny you should mention the 3 second average as that thought came to me this morning. 

I have just double checked and it is definitely set up as 3 second power average in settings.

Could there be an issue where in ftp and free ride mode it somehow switches back to instant power readings?

Same here. Power seems to be ok while riding power up to let’s say 140W. Above 200W it goes up and down by 40-50W. Annoying. No problem to keep training thresholds via ERG, but as soon as free ride starts it is a mess. Using KICKR and alternatively brought in my Quarq based bike and exactly the same thing happened - power flactuating from 240 up to 270 and down to 180W and again 230-280 and down again. So not powermeter realated issue. Exactly the same phenomena no matter the power metering device.

USB stick from Suunto 1m away from my Quarq and 1.5m from KICKR only. 

I also tried using Bluetooth connection for the workout free ride, still the 40-50 watt fluctuation on the kickr snap. Sim mode works fine, definitely an issue with workout mode.