Some Training Questions/Improvements

(Marc Nielsen) #1

 I’m using the training feature a lot and have some ideas for improvements

  1. Ability to specify a minimum for an interval (assumed no maximum).  I do sessions where I do all out sprints, and though my minimum will always be above a certain watts, my max can vary enough that I miss the target (800, 955, 823, 940).  I’d be nice if you could specify an interval at 600w + (so anything above that is good) as an example.

  2. On the workout display (the grid on the left that shows all your elements), it’d be nice if you could show targeted cadence as well

  3. I know at least one other has requested this… ability to take any consecutive segments of your workout and define them as a set and then specify how many times you want to repeat.  If I have segments that are OUs with spin in between (so 3 segments), the zwift workout interval doesn’t handle that (it only allows for 2 segments).  It would be nice to define my under@X, my over @y, my rbi and then say I want to repeat that Z times. 

  4. As others have mentioned, it’d be great to display avg power, avg cadence for an interval - more important for longer intervals to ensure you’re doing well.

  5. My the editor full screen, I find the editor cramped on my MAC - there’s room but it’s not used.

Other than that, I have to say I’m really finding the workout tool useful - though a little awkward to use but I’m loving the visual queues for my workouts.