TR-like features for workout editor

(Danny Dvinov) #1

Would be great to be able to:
- add text to intervals (so you remember what to do, like low cadence)

  • select/save/repeat/delete interval sections

Pretty much TrainerRoad workout creator-like features that make creating workouts much easier.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

There is a text feature.  On the right side the text bubble is one item you can drop into the workout anywhere and the text you type will display on screen.

For repeated intervals if you have a very repeatable on/off type interval there is an interval widget on the right.  Once set up you can easily state the number of sets.  If you need to do intervals with more variability in duration or intensity you would need to manually create and adjust each part.  If you are technically savvy you may find it easier (as I did) to edit the .zwo file in a text editor and copy/paste the interval sets.  The format is quite readable.

(Danny Dvinov) #3

Thanks, Duane. Not being able to select/repeat sections is still quite annoying. If my interval is a build, I need to make a ‘warmup’ section every rep.

(Carl Nolan) #4

On concur on not being able to repeat intervals sections is annoying. I setup a pyramid intervals that I wanted to repeat 5 times. Essentially I have to duplicate a whole series of zone over and over again. Defining a block and say repeat this block 5 times would be a lot more sensible. Basically a custom version of the interval shape currently present. Not all interval are just on/off.

Being able to tag a cadence goal for an interval block would also be nice.