Workout Editor Flexibility

Not being able to repeat intervals sections is annoying. I setup a pyramid intervals that I wanted to repeat 5 times. Essentially I have to duplicate a whole series of zones over and over again; time consuming and error prone. Defining a block and being able to group and repeat this block 5 times would be a lot more sensible. Basically a custom version of the interval shape currently present. Not all intervals are just on/off.

Being able to tag a cadence goal for an interval block would also be nice.

Finally seems that if one clock on a shape in the editor it seems to move the shape to a different location. I seem to spend half my time moving sections back to their correct position.

Hi Carl, it may be a while before we have the ability to select whole sections and copy/paste.  An alternative, if you’re comfortable in a text editor, you could save the workout with one of your pyramids defined then open the zwo file that is saved and copy/paste the lines defining the pyramid.

We do have cadence targets on our todo list, but it’s not scheduled for at least the next 4 weeks.

Finally, you’re right about the clicking/moving blocks problem. We unintentionally broke this in the last update and we’re fixing it this week. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the reply. I guess the text editor option works. It is so cumbersome getting in and out of the workout editor was hoping this could be done in the app. I would say this is a must-have feature moving forward. Any workout by definition will be repetitive so one needs an easy approach to repeating blocks.

In terms of the cadence it would be good if say you defined a set of intervals that you could assign a cadence goal to each separate block rather than the whole set of intervals.

quite like the text editor option, easy to copy and paste from an example file.