Power meter & Elite Suito connection conflict

I’m running an Elite Suito connecting to a PC via Bluetooth. Worked great till I installed an NG Eco power meter. Now I can either connect the power meter and not have the Suito as a controllable trainer or have the Suito as both power and controllable trainer.
Do I need to get an ANT+ dongle for the trainer so the NG Eco can use the Bluetooth connection?

No idea what was happening during my ride this morning. I could not pair the power meter as power source and the Suito as controllable trainer at the same time.
Just tried again and it worked just fine. The Suito and the NG Eco power meter appeared under power source and the Suito as a controllable trainer. I selected the NG Eco for power source and all was fine.
In the NG Eco connected to my head unit too.
Totally confounding.

Work around:…connect the suito as power meter and then select it as controllable. The go back to power meter and select your NG. This will leave your suito as controllable and your NG as your power. But you have to do it EVERY time.
I have the same issue with my Garmin Rally pedals

That’s a good suggestion, I appreciate the tip!

Your welcome