Power down, resistance way up

I have recently seen drafting stop working, and also resistance has gone way up and power way down. This all started the day after I did TdZ stage 2 up the Alpe. For reference, for the last few months I had been doing a B group ride once or twice a week in the morning with no problem. When the issues started, forget B group–I was getting dropped by C group. My avg power decreased by about 40-50 watts. Drafting stopped working, and downhill resistance decreased only intermittently. It has been like pedaling in quicksand at times, even on the flats. I use a Wahoo Snap Kickr with a MacBook. I did two weeks of troubleshooting with Wahoo, seems like the device is fine. That leaves Zwift I guess? I calibrated my Kickr using both Wahoo and Zwift. Did something happen during TdZ to create this issue?

Search out some of my posts, it sounds like your having the same experience that I had with a kickr17 that had been fine on zwift for years.

I’d done dual power recording which aligned the bike power meter against the kickr almost perfectly and yet I was dropped from a D pace bot ( prior to the problem I was sitting with the B pacer for 2 hour blocks)

Out of the saddle to show 120w, 400w effort to get the flywheel spinning on a 12% downhill!!!

Wahoo calibrations and advanced calibration, no change , wahoo support said trainer was fine.

Changed to a kickr v5 and things were back to normal!!!

Then I found multiple threads on here with similar blue tooth issues since zwift updates…. I had an expensive problem solving session!

Same issues here on a Gen1 Kickr. Any help is appreciated!

I too have been having a similar issue. But I also have awful problems with power dropouts on my stages power meter. I noticed it around Christmas of 2021 first and nothing has changed in my setup.

I haven’t noticed any issues with my Stages PM, and it matches the Kickr power, which tells me it’s a trainer resistance issue.

Similar issue with kickr gen 3. Got on the trainer about a week age and noticed something was not same. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Not enjoyable.

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This is happening to me over ant plus with a tacx neo 2.

Similar issue for me I have used zwift for a number of years and switch off and on due to the weather.

in november/ December i could average 180-200W

no after Tour Oz averaging like 100W and it is a struggle, it’s like power wheel doesn’t spin on a downhill and even when pedalling slowly zwift character will go to 0 Watts.

Have down spin down in zwift and factory spin down in wahoo.

but need to reset wahoo kicker snap before i can connect to zwift and no change.

i used to be able to keep up on B group rides generally
now i’m all out max effort keeping up on a D group ride.