Power connection lost Elite Suito

Hi everyone,

I have tested several other HT applications (Rouvy, RGT, Fulgaz,…) and I wanted to give a try on Zwift.
Everytime I start a new ride, I have no issue for the first 20/30 minutes then the power connection drops, my avatar stops pedaling and the power information shows there is no power coming in. I, then, look at the parameters in the coupling interface and everyhting is fine. My HT is connected, every features are fine except that the power received by the application is limited at 126Watts. When I come back to the ride interface my avatar starts pedaling fro 5sec then it drops again (with only 126 watts displayed during this time).
Even if I leave the ride and start a new one the issue persists. The only way of solving this is to close the application and start again (then I have the same issue after 20/30minutes)

I have tried these:

  • stop every other device connected by bluetooth
  • connect my PC via a cable and not in WIFI
  • calibrate the powermeter

It’s weird that happens only on Zwift.

I’m using an Elite Suito connected via Bluetooth to a PC (Windows 10).

Thanks for your help.