Elite Suito constantly disconnecting with the latest update VERSION 1.17.0 (80953)

After the most recent update my trainer keeps disconnecting during the ride (around 5+ times in 1 hour/30km of riding ).
This problem started after the latest Zwift update. (VERSION 1.17.0 (80953))

The problem
As I am riding, the power readings suddenly cut off.
The trainer is still connected. I have to unpair and reconnect. (I’ve noticed that if I unpair just the “power meter” disconnection happens soon after, whereas if I disconnect everything (power meter, controller, cadence sensor) then the disconnection happens after a few km.

The trainer is connected to a PC running via Bluetooth.

Trainer: Elite Suito T (firmware updated on the 18th of Sept 2021)
Computer OS: Windows 10 Pro (OS build 19043.1237)
Bluetooth: Intel Wireless Bluetooth (Driver

Is anyone experiencing a similar issue?

How can I fix this?

Many thanks in advance!

Same problem!
Though I’m using the most recent versions of Zwift and Suito firmware.