Post-workouts analysis

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Although I’ve been on Zwift for quite some time now, I’ve only recently started some more specific training using workouts. My experience is generally positive. However, I have some questions regarding the post-workout analysis. So far I’ve viewed my workout afterwards using the Companion app, the Zwift website or Strava (free account). Unfortunately my HR, W and C are all plotted to the course I selected rather than showing me the interval goals. What I’d like to do is overlay these measured data with the workout goals (ie. 5’, zone X, Y watts, Z RPM). A bonus would be if selecting an interval would give me my average results in one go, but already manually grasping a general view if I hit the target would be of help. This would provide a quick way to determine if 5 similar consecutive efforts were indeed executed at equal intensity. It would also be useful to quickly track progress over time by viewing, for instance, that a similar target has been met at a lower HR than some weeks before indicating that the target zones might need adjustment.

Therefore, I’d appreciate some feedback on how others go about and do this. Am I missing an obvious feature within the Zwift environment? Or is there another user-friendly way to work around this? For clarification, I’m not referring to a ‘professional’ workout analysis here, but rather to gain a bit more insight in my efforts.

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No, nothing in Zwft from what I understand. Trainingpeaks (free) may satisfy what you want otherwise there is trainingpeaks premium, golden cheetah, WKO5 and many others I’m sure.

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I found this book very helpful when analyzing training with a power meter.

that and Golden cheetah is my go to.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve checked out Trainingpeaks and it seems to tick most of the boxes. The only thing missing is an overlay with the workout rather than with the course. I suppose opening the workout in another window is not a major drawback and I suppose this downside would be lost when purchasing workouts from Trainingpeaks directly.