Zwift showing 2 cadence goals in Training Peaks Workouts

My coach sends me my workouts through Training Peaks, they go to Zwift and I do them and then they are uploaded back into TP, Strava, etc. Not all the time but sometimes Zwift will display 2 cadence ranges. For example yesterday I had to do 7 4:30 minute intervals at 115 watts and 90-100 cadence. The watts were fine but Zwift wanted me to do an 85 cadence but at the sametime displayed to do the 90-100 cadence and told me i was spinning too fast. I am attaching a screen shot, you can see the 85 and the 90-100. Anybody else ever experience this and know why this is happening? Thanks.

Hi @Brian_Ezzelle

It look like the workout was not setup correctly, the coach added the text but did not add the cadence target for the workout.

I can send you the FIT file if you want to see it

Hi @Brian_Ezzelle

Looks like this is your first time posting a new topic here on the forums, so welcome!

I agree with Gerrie. It sounds like the workout wasn’t created correctly.

Also, as I understand it Zwift will adjust the power and cadence targets based on your FTP in workouts, so I’m wondering if the cadence target set by Zwift is just different than what your coach thought the target would be when inputting that workout text. Either that, or your coach just wants you to ignore the cadence target set by Zwift and instead focus on the center screen text specifically suggested by your coach.

It’s tricky with custom workouts that come from third party sources, Brian because we don’t know what your coach’s exact intentions were when they created the workout. Have you talked to your coach about this?

You mentioned the .FIT file, but that isn’t going to show the requisite details about the custom workout. It’s the .ZWO file (which you can manually download from TrainingPeaks) that shows how the workout is built.