Bug? Zwift doubles intervals from Training Peaks

I’m very new to Zwift. I got strange and incorrect behavior today and would like to know whether this is a known bug or whether I should report it (and if so, the best way to do so).

Main question: Today I did a custom workout which I created in Training Peaks. In TP, I used the “repeating interval” capability to define an interval that was 6:02 long at 71% of FTP, then clicked a “+” button that simply means “several of these in a row, right after one another”. I asked for 3 x 6:02 @ 71%. When I did the workout in Zwift, all of those “repeated intervals” had been doubled and Zwift had me ride 6 x 6:02 instead. Clearly not the desired behavior.

Known bug? Should I report, and if so where?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

Anyone? No ideas?

I’ve been using custom Training Peaks workouts synced to Zwift without issue. The workout that shows in Training Peaks is the exact same one I get it in Zwift. Did you double check that the workout graph in Zwift was correct?

Thanks for the input. Most of my custom workouts in TP have imported to Zwift with no problems. But the one time I used “repeating intervals” in TP, where you configure a single interval and then just click the little + and - buttons to say how many of those you want, that time I got doubled intervals: where I asked for three in a row, I got six in a row.

The Zwift text in each interval bar said the right thing (say, 1 of 3) but the workout graph showed the incorrect/doubled number of intervals (6 in this case). When I’d completed two intervals, the text in the bar changed to show “2 of 3” for the third and fourth intervals, and when I’d completed four, the text in the bar changed to show “3 of 3” as it gave me the last two intervals.

So the text showed the right thing, but the graph, and the actual time required, doubled the number of intervals. This happened ONLY for the repeated intervals, not for all intervals. The overall workout time also got longer by exactly the amount of time in the doubled intervals.

Does that help? Can you see if a workout with repeated intervals works for you? As soon as I get a chance to ride in Zwift again, I’ll test it further too.

Thanks for the input… this repeated-interval functionality is great and I’d love to use it.

I’ve run several other tests, and TP’s “repeated intervals” are definitely doubled in Zwift. Confirmed bug, at least in my case, so not much to talk about here. I’ll report it to Zwift.