Intervals with more than 2 steps


I usually create customized workouts and it would be very nice if there could be an option which allows to build a workout with intervals of more than 2 steps.

If I want to create a workout, let’s say of (1 min @ 75% + 1 min @ 80% + 1 min @ 85% + 1 min @ 90% + 30 secs @ 100%) x6, that would mean I have to build it step by step (all 30 steps individually) instead of building the series and the replicate it 6 times.

Could something like this be done?

This is great, I’ll learn how to use it, thanks!

Juani, click on the plus button in Zwift workout editor to change the number of repeats. But be aware that if you create a very long interval and stumble in the middle (e.g., won’t be able to meet the power targets for longer than a few seconds), you will lose part or all XPs from the whole interval! When I write custom workouts, I intentionally avoid intervals longer than 8 minutes, for that very reason.

I dont think the OP has a problem with the amount of repeats. He want to build a block of 4 levels and the repeat that.

I think Zwift can only do 2 in a block one up and one down.

I think he want something like this.

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you, but in this case the + button doesn’t work because all that it’d do is to increase the number of reps, but it’ll still be a two step rep… For example, if I want to create a workout that has 4 reps of 1 min @75% + 1 min @80% + 1 min @85% and 1 min 90% it will only allow me to create the steps for the first two minutes and then every time I hit the + button it will repeat those same steps, leaving out from step 3 and beyond.

Juani, I am very sorry, I misunderstood you. To the best of my knowledge [Zwift did not publish a manual on syntax of their .zwo files, but there is some public knowledge derived from analysis of existing workout files], intervals can only have two power levels, called “On” and “Off”. It appears that the only way to create what you are after is to combine different “blocks” into a pyramid. If you need to repeat this many times, your best bet is to edit .zwo file in a text editor and do copy and paste many times.