Create Workout w/ Intervals

I love the ability to create my own workout in Zwift, but I hate how long it takes me to create my intervals. I can use the ‘interval’ button when my intervals are in 2’s (ex. 1 min @Z1, 1 min at Z2) but have to manually create a workout with intervals of 3+ (ex. 1 min @ Z1, 1 min at Z2, 1 min at Z3). PLEASE allow the option to add interval workouts in more than 2’s! It takes up to 30 min to manually input my intervals when they are 12x (1 min, 2 min, 3 min…).

Also, the cool down button stopped working without reason… and if I add ‘too much’ to my workout, it stops allowing me to add… It suddenly became glitchy after adding several custom workouts.

Hi @Ashley_Plowman.

I found is bit bit easier to use, the main reason is I design my workouts on a different pc. But give it a go.

You can also open the *.fit file in a text editor and create your intervals that way.

or this one