How do I create a customer workout longer than 1 hour?

I want to set up a custom workout in the training section with a warmup, cooldown, and sets of intervals. The workout I have in mind will take about 80 minutes, but the Zwift custom workout tool won’t let me add any intervals past 60 minutes. It must be possible to build a custom workout longer than an hour. How do I do that?

Are you talking about total workout length or interval length being limited?

In the last couple days I created a workout lasting over 60min. However, I have not tried an interval block lasting over 60min.

I used the in game (Zwift) workout creator to do so.

I use to create my workouts and you can make workouts and interval blocks longer than 60 min

Drop the interval ABOVE the last workout block instead of trying to drop it AFTER the last block. Then you can easily add as blocks as you want.


@Lin_Alan, I meant total workout length. Thanks to all for the replies.