Improvement idea - allow more than 2 diffent zones in intervals

Please consider modifying the workout creator to allow more than 2 zones per combination: ex, 3 min Z1 2 min Z2 1 min Z5 5 min Z1 rest do this 4 times. Currently I have to create all of this by hand and it takes a while.

Try this


Yes you would have my vote but ZWIFT FORUMS has disabled this for my account.

This is a very usefull one and i would love to see it inside zwift also BUT as always lay your hands together like this: :pray: and go pray. Just because. And please say please.

For now you get a blue thumb because as i said i cannot vote … lol :ride_on:

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried it and it has the same features and restrictions of the built in Zwift work out creator. I have to add that I use Zwift on IOs.