Bug with imported Training Peaks workout

Today, I had a scheduled Training Peaks workout that was supposed to be an hour and 19 minutes long. The automatically imported workout in Zwift was 9 minutes longer.

In Training Peaks, there were three segments that looked like this:

Repeat 3 times

  1. Tempo
    1 minute @ 80%-85% of FTP

In the corresponding Zwift workout, these segments became 3 * Over/Under intervals with 1 minute “over” at 82% of FTP and 1 minute “under” at 82% of FTP.

Hi @Jim_Mattson
Are the TrainingPeaks workout power-based, HR-based, or something else?

To import correctly, they must be power-based. Some more information on the support hub.

It is power based. (BTW, your link doesn’t work.)

It should work now @Jim_Mattson. Thanks for pointing that out. :+1:

I exported the Training Peaks workout to a .zwo file, and that file has the same problem. So, I guess this is a Training Peaks bug.

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