Poor rendering quality with Alienware Alpha R2

HI Guys,


I bought an Alienware Alpha R2 with the GTX960 graphics cards. While i can indeed use the Game in 4K, it plays better just in 1080p (less stuttering when things get busy)

However, i am more bothered by the quality of the rendering than the FPS, compared to the screen shots i’m seeing online, my textures look very poor, lots of the shadows are simple triangles and the tarmac looks as though it is a foot above the surrounding grass.

Basically all the high quality graphics effects seem to be turned off. Given that Zwift is saying this card is fine at higher resolutions, is there a reason why the rendering and textures see so poor? 

I’ve gone through the usual steps for optimizing quality (and have even clean installed Windows 10 to get rid of Alienware dependancies etc… and obviously have the latest Geforce Drivers installed)

Anything else which could be effecting this or is the GTX960 really not capable to rending these effects properly at any resolution? (i get the same at 1080p or 4k )

Hi Liam, any way you can share screenshots of what you see?  

In Zwift currently there are certain visual glitches we have that are there regardless of the GPU you have.   I can assure you any screenshots we share are directly from a PC running a GTX card like you mention, no doctoring, but we do pick shots to share that look good - they of course wont focus on a bad shadow or a road gap here or there.

I’ve shared some shots directly with eric.

Can send more if useful…

P.S. Honestly it’s more the videos of the races which seem to be much higher quality rather than the stills.

If my graphics card is not up to snuff I can live with that but I’m not sure that’s the case…

Check your display setting what percentage scale and layout are set to.  When I went to 4K Windoze decided that 300% was good - it was not good on screen because the display was “overblown”.  Changing it to 100% was the solution.

@ Ray Ruyack are you sure the scaling has an affect on zwift? I thought that was just for fonts and other window widgets. 

It blew the entire app window up for me.  I thought it was just for those as well.