Weird textures, walls in middle of road - How to fix?

I’ve been seeing screwy graphics like this pretty consistently, probably since the last update. Is there a way to fix this without reinstalling Zwift?

Can you provide a complete rundown of your setup?

Windows 10
Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz
AMD Radeon RX 550

Zwift version 1.23.3 (100641)

Usually points to corrupt assets or cache. Fully reinstall the game.

I finally got around to reinstalling Zwift yesterday and… it didn’t help. Followed all steps and deleted folders as outlined here: Re-Installing Zwift.

Use DDU to fully uninstall the Radeon driver and use one of the older ones verified as fine by @Alex_Beebe. If it’s still the same after that then I’d suggest a hardware problem, probably with the VRAM on the graphics card.

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Before doing all that it’s worth trying to delete your shader cache in the Radeon driver: Global Settings > Reset > Shader Cache > Yes

See if that helps.

Good tips, thanks. I’ll try that later. If those don’t work I’m buying a new gaming PC :stuck_out_tongue:. Been trying to justify that purchase for years lol.

Heh, just buy a GTX 1050 Ti if so. Straight swap, Ultra profile and good for 60fps at 1440p. Rest of your setup is fine.

I cleared the shader cache and updated the Radeon driver. Not sure which one did it, but it’s fixed now.