GTX960 graphics on Alienware Alpha r2 seem "washed out"

(Liam Hudson [C]) #1

Hi Guys,

While it does indeed seem like I can run Zwift in Ultra mode etc (although I usually dial it down a little as a prefer the higher frame rate). The colours used throughout in the scenes seem to me very washed out, they really affect the visuals more than 2160p vs 1024p. Is there any settings I can take a look at in this regard…? Are there are recommendations for color calibrations etc?






(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Hi Liam,

There are two things that you may want to try. The first is to look for information on calibrating your monitor for color accuracy.

The next option is to check your Nvidia Control Panel. There are some options in there that should help you get results that match your preferences. Here’s a quick video I found on Youtube that explains some of the different options fairly well. 

I hope that helps a bit, Liam!

(Liam Hudson [C]) #3

Hi Nick,

Many thanks for the help, i upped the ‘dynamic image’ which made the colors more vibrant. Probably a little too much for anything other than Zwift usage but that’s all i use it for anyway. It also showed me my monitor was pegged at 30Hz as it was factory set to using HDMI 1.x instead of 2.x. I’m now at 2160p/1440p ULTRA at 60hz which has me doubly happy.

Many thanks for your helpful reply.



(Nick LaVeaux) #4

Hi Liam,

I’m more than happy to help!

I know you mentioned only using the computer for Zwift, but it may help to know that you might also be able to set certain profiles per application. So you can apply your changes only while using Zwift, and then it would go back when it is used for other purposes.

Well, either way, I’m thrilled that you got such great results! 

Ride On!