Alienware Alpha on Ultra

(Mike Cameron) #1

Im in the market for a new pc that will primarily be used for zwift. I want to be able to run zwift on the ultra graphics setting. Is the Alienware Alpha capable of this? Otherwise any other recommendations? thanks

(Shane Miller | GPLama) #2

Yes. I use this configuration with a 42inch LCD screen. Works nicely in 1080p.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

I appreciate that Alienware/Dell are sponsoring Zwift for this. But what’s a good cheaper equivalent as they seem very expensive?

(Mark Duncombe) #4

So I have a Core i3 alpha which I have upgraded to 8 Gig or Ram and an SSD.

Although early on I did get occasional frame rate issues I have to say its now running great at 1080p settings, so much so that I have not seen any frame rate issues recently nor do I feel the need to measure the FPS or change to ultra.


Very happy with the Alpha and Zwift and its pretty good for casual Steam use as well.