alienware question

brian dewees Today at 15:34

hi all. Noob queston here. I found an previous generation

alienware ASM100-1580

alpha i3 4130T / 4gb memory / 500gb HHD / geforce gtx 2gb card.

Seller is asking $250.

Question is: Would it be worth is to buy and upgrade ro 250gb SSD and put in 8gb RAM as a dedicated zwift only machine? I don’t need 4k level graphics, Just something better than a 4 yr old macbook pro i3


What graphics card do you currently have. My first response is get a nice graphics card. 


Look at this webpage, you can put your log file in and see where you are currently and than look for similar computers with better graphic cards and see what you can expect.

I am using one of these.  I put an SSD in in mainly for quick boots but it doesn’t make any difference for running Zwift.  Right now 4G of RAM is enough but that is a cheap upgrade.  I run this in 720p mode and I get very close to 60fps average.  I have heard some folks have gotten OK results in 1080p but my basement Zwift TV doesn’t support that mode so I can’t comment.  Its a decent box for running Zwift but keep in mind its not readily upgradable.  $250 seems like a good price

I have made those same upgrades to that exact model. It is perfectly suited for a dedicated Zwift machine. I like also the simplicity and the inability to upgrade further past the memory and the SSD.

thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. At $250 i figure i cant go wrong. IF i get really into it i can always go bigger and keep it as a desk top.