Alienware Alpha


I’m deciding whether or not to go with the i3 or i7 Alienware Alpha.  Either way, I will upgrade to 16GB RAM. Will I be able to run ultra on the i3 or should I go with the i7?



The graphics chip is by far the most important element for Zwift, and they all currently have the same one.    

If you plan on playing other more intensive games, maybe splurge for the i7, but for Zwift the i3 is fine.

One consideration might be whether you want to broadcast or record video from Zwift. I’m not sure if the Alienware supports Quicksync, but if it doesn’t an i7 may be necessary to encode the video at a reasonable speed using a software encoder.

Thanks Christian. I’m not going to be broadcasting… Just consuming. 

I have just yesterday bought the Alpha i3 with upgraded to 8Gig RAM and an upgrade to 250Gig SSD and can say that it ran great. Very happy with the visual improvement and the actual overall computer performance of Zwift over my 2012 macbook Air as far as running Zwift.

That is a big upgrade from an Air.

FYI… I pulled the trigger on the i3 Alpha a few weeks back.  I dropped a 250 GB SSD and an additional 8GB of RAM (12GB total) into it.  It runs fantastic.  I get 30+ FPS on High and 17 - 25 FPS on Ultra.

brian dewees Today at 15:34

hi all. Noob queston here. I found an previous generation

alienware ASM100-1580

alpha i3 4130T / 4gb memory / 500gb HHD / geforce gtx 2gb card.

Seller is asking $250.

Question is: Would it be worth is to buy and upgrade ro 250gb SSD and put in 8gb RAM as a dedicated zwift only machine? I don’t need 4k level graphics, Just something better than a 4 yr old macbook pro i3