Polar OH1 and Trust Bluetooth USB-adapter - SOLVED

I have two different setups: one I use for running and a second for riding:Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor works on/with Apple-TV, but not on Trust Bluetooth USB-adapter.

  1. Treadmill with Apple-TV and Polar Stride Sensor (Bluetooth Smart), and Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor
  • works great!
  1. Tacx Flow on av PC with Tacx Ant+ sensor for the bike and Trust Bluetooth USB-adapter for my heart reading. My Polar OH1 is paired with my PC, but will not pair with Zwft when I search for it.

Anyone understand what is wrong? Any advise?

Thank you

Don’t pair the Polar HRM to your PC at all, it should only pair with the Zwift app. Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app and when it connects to your PC that counts as one and will not allow the Zwift app to find it.
Also make sure the adapter is 4.0 or higher.

Thank you! That worked.
I pulled out my Bluetooth USB-adapter - selected “Use Zwift companion” and it paired at once!

Thank you