Pairing of Polar heart rate monitor to PC fails


i got a Polar H9 heart rate monitor for christmas and I’m since failing to pair it to Zwift on my PC.
Has anyone else have these problems or does anyone have a solution on how to pair the H9 to Zwift on a PC?


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Hi @sebastian_wagner1, does your PC have bluetooth 4.0 or do you have an Ant+ dongle?

Pair it via ZCA on your phone in the game.

@Mike_Rowe1 thanks, the old Bluetooth Version was the problem! The h9 paired perfectly with my other, newer Laptop.


Hi @sebastian_wagner1 I’m Steven with Zwift support, and thanks for sharing how your issue was resolved!

If you find that you’re having persistent device pairing issues in the future, we have this article to help with the general pairing process.

If you ever need some one-on-one assistance, free to send us a support inquiry here, and our team is always happy to help!

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