Polar A360 connecting problem

Hi everybody,
Has anyone experience with a Polar A360 Heartrate-Device? Mine is not connecting with the Zwift-App. Doesn’t even get found as Bluetooth-Device.

I believe that earlier models of Polar devices such as yours employed a non-standard Bluetooth protocol, and in fact is no longer even supported by Polar themselves. However, if the HRM is still functioning correctly, you can capture/download the data to your computer. There are other applications and sites that will read these HRM files, so at least you can analyze your heart rate data post-ride. Try this site:


Thank you for the answer!

Polar A360 is a watch, I do not believe it can transmit a BLE signal - you can pair it with H6 or H7 sensor (Polar support).

I dug deeper. To call the A360 a “watch” is a misnomer. It is specifically a fitness tracking device, with timekeeping capabilities. Watches do not monitor heart rates. Upon investigation, I have learned that the A360 DOES indeed support Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy). It’s important to understand that Bluetooth is a one-to-one communications protocol. In other words, the device may only be “shaking hands” with one other device at a time. If your device is connected to your phone, or another app via BLE, it will NOT be able to communicate with Zwift. You must first UNPAIR your device from any/all other devices before Zwift will be able to “pair” with your A360.

Here’s a helpful article:

I will try that. Thanks a lot!

Polar A360 is compatible with Polar Club but it does not transmit HR data to other devices or 3rd party apps for now."

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