Polar H7 HR belt not found in zwift, even when considering manual exactly

I want to connect my Polar H7 heartrate monitor with Zwift. I tried a lot of things without any success. My setup:

  • Elite Qubo Fluid
  • Windows laptop (connected to the same wifi network as my phone)
  • Phone Samsung S5 mini, Android 6.0.1, mobile link app installed. (bluetooth is on but not paired with Polar H7)
  • Polar H7 works well with any other android apps

On the Zwift pairing screen both ANT and Bluetooth signals are on (have radiowaves). The Elite Qubo was always found immediately but when I search for the HR nothing was found.

Polar H7 is not linked to any other device and is not paired with the phone. Even Polar M400 watch is out of reach.

I tried also 2 other android devices (Samsung tablet A10.1 and Samsung Tab 3 lite), but without success.


many thanks for your suggestions!

I had exactly the same problem. I eventually got it working by going into the phones Bluetooth settings and getting it to forget the Polar H7. I also found that when searching for it on Zwift i had to wait quite a long time to find it ~1 minute.


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